Shaving Tips


Using Shaving Oil

After generously wetting your face with hot water, apply a few drops of shaving oil to your wet hands and massage it into your beard. Don’t be tempted to use too much as 3 or 4 drops should be sufficient when shaving your facial area – the water combines with the shave oil to give you all the lubrication you need, and if you use too much it’s likely to clog your razor’s blade.

Shave in the Shower

The steam will help to soften the bristles. If you prefer to shave at the sink, do this just after you’ve had a shower. Don’t wash your face in cold water – this will close your pores and make the hair harder to cut.

Use a Sharp, Clean Razor

You won’t get a close shave from a blunt blade, and you’re more likely to end up with redness and blotches on your face and neck.

Shave Oil with an Electric Razor

Apply a few drop to dry palms and massage into the shaving area.
Wait 30 seconds and shave.

So simple, you don’t need any messy foams or gels, and no waste. And your skin will be left feeling fresh and smooth.

Shave in Short Strokes

Stretch the skin with your free hand. It’s important to shave in the direction of the hair growth. If you’re not sure, run your finger across the stubble to see which direction it’s growing in. Shaving against the direction of hair growth is the most common cause of razor burn, redness and rashes.

Rinse the Blade Regularly as you Shave

This unclogs the debris from the blade, but it also carries more water to your skin. Don’t press too hard against your skin – and remember, for your skin’s sake, the wetter the better! Water activates the natural oils to soften the hairs, making them easier to cut.

After shaving rinse your face in lukewarm water and pat it dry with a towel. Don’t rub it, as this can reduce the skin’s elasticity and speed up the signs of ageing. Don’t apply aftershave to your face. Most aftershaves are made from alcohol, which has a drying effect on the skin. To wear a fragrance, simply apply it to the pulse points on your neck and wrists.

That’s simple.. for the best shave follow the steps above using just a few drops of De Facto® shaving oil, plenty of hot water and a good razor!